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Problems of Aging Population in America" and similar term paper topics Finansowa katastrofa?

Problems of Aging Population in America" and similar term paper topics Finansowa katastrofa?Paper #060210 :: Problems of Aging Population in AmericaYes Obama is correct we have to reduce the Cost of the the helthcare or we will faceAn examination of how an aging population in America affects the social and welfare systems.Paper Summary:Medicare and Social Security stand to be stretched if not fall into jeopardy if there are not some major changes in the policies that secure these parts of the American culture. The important thing is not to state the problems but come to some workable solutions. The problem is that many of the possible solutions could have unforeseen problems of their own that we won't be aware of for years to come. This paper explains some of these problems and solutions and gives suggestions to what might happen in the next 30 years following the trend of aging in America and its lasting economic effects.From the Paper:"United States is among many developed or industrialized countries that are facing a new economic challenge as the demographics of population shift. What has happened in the recent years is a trend that will continue and grow into the next few decades; there has been a growth in industrialized nations' elderly populations due to declining fertility rates and a rise in life expectancy. These growth trends are manifested in a slow growing population and labor force and an increase in the ratio between the elderly and those still working age. (Greenspan) In fact, in 2000 there were 35 million Americans or 12.4% of the population over the age of 65 years, and 4.5 million or 1.6% over 85 years old. By the year 2030 it is projected that the number of US citizens over 65 will more than double and those over 85 will be up to 9 million. (Brookings) Life expectancy in US increases and the retirement age seems to diminish, as some opt to quit working at 62 instead of 65, (with less benefits) and the aging US population is looking at 20 more years of living, consuming and sometimes needing regular expensive healthcare services after the more preferred retirement age. We in America have only just hit the tip of the iceberg with this issue as the baby boomers will not start hitting 62 until 2008. In the 30 years, following 2008 the number of 62 year olds will increase from 40 million, now, to 80 million, while the working force will only grow 12% compared to the boomers' double. (NBER)"
Finansowa katastrofa?
red. Małgorzata Goss (2008-07-18)
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